Welcome to eSchool

eSchool is the Deer Valley Unified School District's online education alternative

We offer over 115 fully accredited, rigorous online one-semester(.5 credit) courses for high school students taught by certified, highly qualified Deer Valley instructors.

One-semester courses are offered during 14-week fall and spring semesters, and an 8-week summer semester.

eSchool's online course delivery system, Blackboard, is the industry leader and is utilized by Universities, K-12 districts, and corporations world-wide. Students enrolled in eSchool become familiar with Blackboard's online learning management system, giving them a significant edge in college and career readiness over their traditionally-educated peers.

eSchool Textbooks

Most eSchool classes have online textbooks. However, if you are taking Accounting, Algebra 3&4 Honors, Business Operations 1&2, Trigonometry, Information Technology, Law and Society, Media Productions 2, Painting, Psychology, or World History Honors, you will need to obtain a hard copy of the textbook. Textbooks will be available during business hours at the Deer Valley Unified District Offices, 20402 N. 15th Ave, Phoenix, 85027. Textbooks are free, but require a deposit that will be refunded when the textbook is returned. Deposits can be made with cash or check.

Technical Requirements

eSchool Students must have high-speed internet access and Microsoft Office.

The best way to ensure a great eSchool experience is to test your computer's configuration for compatibility with Blackboard. Test your computer by clicking here. This scan may take a minute, so please be patient.

The eSchool program does not yet support the use of iPads.

Optimal operating system/browser configurations for use in Blackboard are listed here.

If you are having trouble logging on or experiencing other technical problems, please contact us:

Donna Otto: 623-445-4926
Cindy Cordery: 623-445-4968
David Mohler: 623-445-4909
email: eschool@dvusd.org

Registering for eSchool

Registration for our Spring semester closed on January 16, 2014, at 5:00 pm.

Registration for our Summer semester will open April 21, 2014

Middle School Summer Credit Recovery

The Deer Valley Unified School District offers a summer school opportunity for students who will not be promoted to the next grade due to receiving a failing grade in one or more of the core areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. More information is available on the Middle School Summer School Page.